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Living the Delulu Life a.k.a. Law of Assumption

Updated: Feb 12

Ever wonder how some people effortlessly attract success, abundance, and happiness into their lives? I definitely did so I've decided to spend this year learning more about the law of assumption. As someone who's on a journey to learn more about this concept this year, it makes sense that in this week's blog, I will share some insights and experiences with you.

Understanding the Law of Assumption:

Okay, so here's the deal: the law of assumption, also known as the law of attraction, is all about the power of our thoughts and beliefs. It's like a magnet that attracts similar things into our lives. If we constantly think and believe that we're unworthy or unlucky. But, guess what? We will keep attracting situations and people that reinforce those negative beliefs. However, if we shift our mindset and truly believe that we deserve abundance and happiness, we'll start attracting opportunities and experiences that align with that positive belief.

Harnessing the Power of Visualization:

Now, let's talk about visualization. It's a super cool technique that helps us tap into the law of assumption and manifest our dreams. Basically, it involves creating vivid mental images of the reality we desire and feeling the emotions associated with it. It's like daydreaming, but with a purpose!

So, if you're like me and want to live your life to the fullest, here's how I'm going to start living the law of assumption. 

1. Get Clear on what you really want. Me, I spent the last few weeks taking some time to figure out what I truly want in my life. I looked at my career, relationships & starting my new business and financial goals. I have been really specific and wrote it all down.

2. Imagining my dream Life: I have done a ton of visualizing picturing myself already living that dream life. Because I'm starting to get a lot clearer on what that looks like really starting to visualise my successful career, surrounded by loving relationships, and enjoying financial freedom. Although I've been feeling a little anxious I've been making sure to feel the excitement, joy, and fulfillment as if it's happening right now.

3. Practice Consistently: Visualization is like a muscle that needs regular exercise. So I have been sitting aside a few minutes each day to visualize my desired reality. I know that the more I practice this, the stronger my manifestation muscles will become.

4. Believe in myself: This is a crucial step. We need to truly believe that our dreams are possible and that we deserve them. Times I can be too practical and I have a bit of victim mentality and what was me so I've been working really hard on letting go of any doubts or limiting beliefs that may be holding me back. Trust in the process and have faith been something I've been making sure to make a priority.

5. Take Inspired Action: Visualization alone won't magically make your dreams come true. Biggest lessons that I have learned that have allowed me to achieve quite a lot of success has been because I have taken consistent action towards majority of my goals. I consistently use visualization practice as a source of motivation and guidance, and then make sure to go out there and make things happen.

Learning about visualization and the law of assumption has been a game-changer for me. I'm still in the early stages on in this journey but I'm excited to see where it's taking me. It's empowering to know that I have the ability to shape my reality by changing my thoughts and beliefs. So, if you're ready to unlock your potential and live a life you love, start embracing visualization and the law of assumption. Trust me, it's a journey worth taking.

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