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Creator & Facilitator for Confident Me

Confidence & Self Belief programme for Children & Youth

The Confident Me programme is work that Kristyl Neho created and has been developing and teaching for 12 years. She has had the privilege of teaching thousands of Tamariki/Children and Rangatahi/Youth within this work. The programme teaches our Future Leaders how to be more confident. It teaches tools like: how to learn, habits, grounding, mindfulness, body language, self awareness, emotional awareness, focus, physical awareness, self management, group management, public speaking, body posture, mindfulness, self reflection, group work, ownership, personal challenges, energy, ownership, team work, group participation, Dance, Voice and Drama to name a few areas. 
This programme uses 3 areas to explore the work. Tikanga Maori, Performing Arts and Personal Development. These are the areas that the programme covers to help equip our Tamariki and Rangatahi with the principles and new skills to build their own self confidence. Each programme is adapted and individualised to delve deeper into the work depending on the age, dynamic and needs of each group.

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